8 Reported Facts About the Cruise-Holmes Divorce

Here is some of what we know is going on during the divorce. The Daily Beast has more.


The Church Is Watching Katie

The Church of Scientology denied on Sunday reports that they are following Katie Holmes after she filed divorce papers from Tom Cruise. Gary Soter, a lawyer for the Church, contacted TMZ to deny the allegations and say it is not conducting surveillance on the star. It’s not the first time the religion has dealt with these accusationgs: defectors of the religion have previously reported being “hunted down” after leaving. TMZ reported that photographers who have been following Holmes have reported several “mysterious men” and vehicles around Holmes’s New York apartment.

 Cruise Is Lying Low in IcelandTom Cruise was in Iceland filming his new film, Oblivion, when Holmes filed papers for a divorce. On Sunday morning—just 48 hours after the news hit—he was photographed taking off from the capital city’s airport in a helicopter to go to the movie set. Despite the fuzzy pictures, theDaily Mail was quick to point out the star looked “miserable” and “downcast.”

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