NY Divorce Mediation



NY divorce mediation empowers you and your spouse to settle your differences in a non-confrontational way by reaching a tailor-made agreement geared towards your unique situation and interests.

Mediation enables you to maintain control of your divorce, significantly reduce the overall costs of the divorce process, resolve your differences in a compassionate and non-adversarial way, and shield your children from the devastating consequences of litigation.

In NY divorce mediation, we help you retain control of your divorce by empowering you to make important decisions that will affect you and your family in the the future, rather than leaving your fate to the often callous judicial system.

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Mediation has been proven through numerous studies to be one of the most efficient and cost effective ways of resolving divorces.

The mediation process allows couples to work out difficult issues without the need for costly litigation and attorneys fees.

We mediate your divorce online for your convenience, utilizing video conferencing software so that you can be in the comfort and privacy of your own home during the process.

NY divorce mediation is the SMART™ way to resolve differences in a divorce as it is a less time consuming, more cost effective, and less adversarial process that results in agreements that are customized to your unique needs and interests.

We have created an acronym for mediation because it is the SMART™ way to end your marriage:

S – solves the issues that are unique to you and your spouse

M – more money and time are left over at the end of the process for you and your family

A – agreements resulting from mediation are often better and statistically proven to be complied with more

R – realize your goals for privacy, control and shielding your children from contentious litigation

T – take control of your future rather than submitting to the uncertain court process

David Centeno Law offers compassionate and professional divorce mediation services throughout New York State.  We are a top New York divorce mediation law firm — your divorce will be mediated by a NY divorce mediation attorney with 36 years of divorce law and mediation experience.

If you have a New York divorce matter where you and your spouse need help reaching a resolution, we can help you mediate a resolution in a non-adversarial manner.

If you and your spouse want to mediate, we can schedule a consultation with both of you to discuss your unique situation, the NY divorce mediation process and how mediation may benefit you and your family.

Traditional divorce litigation can cost 10’s, if not 100’s, of thousands of dollars.  Yes, you read that right!

Our mediation retainers start at just $5,000.

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As New York divorce mediation lawyers we help you keep your case out of court and significantly reduce the cost of your divorce.

Divorce mediation is the SMART™ way to handle matrimonial matters when you and your spouse are not in full agreement about the terms of the divorce.  The terms that must be agreed upon or resolved by the court in a divorce are:

  • the divorce itself,
  • child custody,
  • child support,
  • visitation,
  • spousal maintenance (alimony) and
  • equitable distribution of property, assets, and debts (which can be held in your individual or joint names).

When you and your spouse are not in agreement about all of these terms, your only options to reach a resolution of the dispute are to:

  1. mediate, or
  2. litigate

NY divorce mediation is a series of structured meetings where we facilitate non-adversarial conversations between you and your spouse, maintain neutrality and help you explore potential solutions to your matter that you may have not considered before.

Not all parties are candidates for NY divorce mediation — you have to be desiring a fair resolution of the matter and be willing to voluntarily come to the table in good faith.  Cases where there has been domestic violence are often not appropriate for mediation.  Mediation is a voluntary process and requires that both parties be willing to engage in the process.

It is important to note that not all NY divorce mediators are created equal.  There is no requirement that New York divorce mediators be attorneys, or even have a minimum level of education or training, to mediate your divorce.  As divorce attorneys we have seen mediated agreements that clients have brought to us that are horrific, leaving their rights and interests in jeopardy.  If you want to mediate, be sure that you are choosing a mediator who is an attorney, and who has mediation training and experience, to ensure that you will get the best result.

To understand the extraordinary benefits of NY divorce mediation, let’s explore the other option to settling divorce disputes — litigation.

In litigation, or a contested divorce, usually you and your spouse will each retain your own lawyer.  When you each have independent counsel, your case can take on a life of its own — you lose control once the case is in the judicial system where you are subject to the demands of the opposing party and the decisions of the Court — it can become very expensive, complicated and time consuming.  Litigation often results in families being torn apart from the contentious litigation — people often feel angrier and less satisfied after litigating their divorces than they did at the outset.

In litigation the costs can be 10’s, if not 100’s, of thousands of dollars and cases can drag on for years.  When custody is in dispute, the court often orders a forensic psychologist be appointed (at your expense) to psychoanalyze the family and make a recommendation to the court.  The court will set a discovery schedule which must be followed where important financial documents and information is exchanged.

Almost all divorce litigation cases settle.  After bitterly fighting, parties often end up negotiating a settlement before the case actually goes to trial.  After spending sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, parties often wish that they had just engaged in NY divorce mediation from the beginning to settle the case.

In NY divorce mediation, we will be acting as a impartial facilitator helping you and your spouse reach an agreement.  We will explain the law and how it would apply to your matter if the case went to court, and then help you and your spouse reach an agreement.  We will listen carefully to each of your concerns and desires and help you explore many different options for resolving your disputes.

For mediation consultations, we should speak to you and your spouse together, as we will not be representing either one of you individually, but rather helping facilitate you and your spouse reaching a mutually satisfactory resolution.