New York lgbt same sex divorceOur law firm has been handling same sex divorces and civil union dissolutions prior to New York passing same sex marriage.  We are proud to serve the New York LGBT Community!  Attorney David Centeno is a top New York same sex divorce lawyer, having been quoted by the press on numerous occasions regarding New York same sex divorce law.

If you and your partner were legally married or validly entered into a same sex civil union or domestic partnership in New York (or another state or country) and you currently reside in New York State, you can now get divorced in New York.

Usually, in order for the New York Court to be able to have the power to grant your divorce you must have lived in New York for at least one year or more.  If both you and your same sex spouse have live in New York for less than a year, we still may be able to help you.

David Centeno Law, P.C. has successfully handled many New York same sex divorce cases.  Although similar to regular divorce, there are many subtle aspects to same sex divorce that we are aware of and can help you with.

We help many gay and lesbian partners with their New York same sex divorce or dissolution of same sex domestic partnership or civil union.  You too, just like any straight client, deserve protection of your property, support and custody rights.

New York Same Sex Divorce Experience Matters

With years of relevant experience, we are well equipped to navigate the relatively newer same sex divorce laws as they relate to child custody, support and visitation.  Many of our same sex client have children either biologically conceived or adopted.

Property, assets and debts are also divided upon divorce through equitable distribution.  Equitable distribution means that any marital assets or debts are divided fairly.  We have helped many same sex divorce clients obtain favorable settlements through keen negotiation and/or aggressive litigation.

Our objective when handling a same sex divorce is to make sure that you thoroughly understand your rights and obligations as you transition from marriage through divorce.

Many same sex divorces, like any divorces, are settled through negotiation and compromise.  We offer divorce mediation, negotiation and uncontested divorces, as well as contested or litigated divorces.

We also offer an Expedited option that gets you your divorce extremely fast, usually in 3 – 4 weeks from start to finish.

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