Need a New York No Fault Divorce? Great, We Can Help!

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What is New York No Fault Divorce?

New York has a no-fault divorce law that allows you to get a divorce if your marriage has been “irretrievably broken” for six months or more.

Before this new law was passed, you would have to accuse your spouse of something that was often difficult to prove. Now, as long as you are willing to state in your divorce papers that your marriage hasn’t been working out for the last six months, we can get you your divorce quickly and easily.

Simply put, the new New York no-fault divorce law now allows you to get divorced if your marriage isn’t working.

This new law revolutionizes New York divorce law. Prior to the no-fault divorce law, you would have to accuse your spouse of ugly things like adultery, abandonment, refusal of sexual relations for over a year or cruel and inhuman treatment. Now you are free to get out of your bad marriage without having to sling around hurtful accusations.

Going through a divorce is hard enough. New York law used to make it much harder than it really needed to be.

If you and your spouse need help reaching an agreement, our New York divorce mediation lawyers can help you keep your case out of court and save significant attorneys fees.

Now with the no-fault divorce law if you want out, you can have out.

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