Divorce Ceremonies

Let the good times roll!

Much like a wedding ceremony brings two people together, a divorce ceremony splits two people apart. Think of it like a funeral service for a deceased spouse — there is a clear-cut end to the relationship so that both parties, no matter how difficult, can move on. The New York Times recently reported that these ceremonies are “often deeply personal and spiritual, intended to help the split couple and their families move past disappointment, anger and hurt.”

Some religions have built-in divorce ceremonies within their liturgy. Judaism has a “get,” a Jewish divorce officiated by a rabbi; the Unitarian Universalist Church has a ceremony of hope, and the United Methodist Church offers a divorce ceremony. But if you are not of these faiths, not much else exists that distinguishes the end of a marriage.

What do you think of these ceremonies? do they threaten the sanctity of marriage? or is it a sign on the times?

Read More : The New York Times

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