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Many clients’ first question is regarding how to get a divorce.  If I wasn’t a New York divorce lawyer, I wouldn’t know either.

To answer the “how to get a divorce” question, I put together the following information.

  • First, be sure that you really want to get a divorce.

This may seem obvious but I have seen couples initiate a divorce action and then change their minds.  Divorce can be ugly, so please spare yourself this pain if possible

  • Research divorce lawyers and hire a divorce attorney.

This is an important point.  Many clients have tried to do their divorce on their own because they thought it would be easy to file an uncontested divorce.  Later, after the court rejected their divorce papers two or three times, they come to our law firm asking us to clean up the mess.

Furthermore, many people lose valuable rights because they try to do their divorce on their own.  You are likely not a lawyer (although we have helped many lawyers get divorced), so please, with all due respect, don’t try to do your divorce on your own.  You may be entitled to certain property rights, a pro rate share of your spouse’s pension fund, alimony or maintenance or even a lump sum payment for your spouse’s professional degree. Don’t lose out.

Not all New York divorce lawyers are the same.  Some focus on uncontested divorce.  Some focus solely on high net worth contested divorces.  Some are seasoned and experienced and some are wet behind the ears.  Make sure you find a divorce lawyer who you feel comfortable with and who can explain to you in detail how to get a divorce.

  • Is your divorce uncontested or contested?

An important point to consider is whether you and your spouse can agree upon the division of assets, child custody, visitation and support, whether one spouse will receive alimony and the grounds for divorce.  If not, then you have a  contested divorce and the divorce how to is different.

For an uncontested divorce, I still recommend that you retain a New York uncontested divorce lawyer.  A contested divorce requires a firm that is going to aggressively and effectively litigate and negotiate on your behalf.

For a free divorce consultation on how to get a divorce, please call our toll-free divorce how to line to schedule a free intial phone consultation with one of our divorce lawyers. (866-830-2064)

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