Flat Rate New York Divorce

Many New York divorce attorneys charge an initial retainer fee if anywhere between $3,000 and $6,000 in which they bill against at an hourly rate of anywhere between $200 to $600 an hour.

Our law firm is different.  We know that you want to know exactly how much your divorce is going to cost.  This is why we offer an affordable flat rate New York uncontested divorce.

Our uncontested divorce fees are flat rates, meaning a one time fee.  We do not charge you a hefty retainer and then bill against it hourly.

A New York uncontested divorce without children or assets to divide is only $499 plus court filing fees.

If you are interested in learning how you too can save thousands of dollars on your divorce, contact us to schedule your free initial phone consultation today at (866) 830-2064.

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  1. Jake
    Jake says:

    Thanks for the great info. I have been considering a divorce and this information made things really clear. I will contact you for a free consultation.

  2. Cleopatra
    Cleopatra says:

    Hello David, I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend. We are very young and not the most financially free, however, he needs to get a divorce. He’s been separated for two years but we are entirely clueless about where to start the process. His wife has agreed to a dvicorce but we are all in our mid-twenties and this is very new to us. They have a 7 year old son who lives primarily with the mother but they share in his care and expenses. The flat rate sounds too good to be true. We will be calling for a consultation but I’d like to know if an uncontested divorce with one child will run us in severe debt. I’d much appreciate your response.


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