Focusing on Your Child Instead of Divorce Drama

It is easy to get caught up in the anger and frustration that comes with getting divorced. One Dallas couple, however, gives us a little bit of inspiration.


Instead of letting the drama of the divorce get to them, the former couple, married for nine years, looked to provide their son with the best environment possible. “Once you get past the relationship ending, there’s a child there. That didn’t change when we separated,” Rivera stated. The former spouses discuss how to raise their son best, and try to agree on decisions such as those made about his education and bed time.


“We’ve split everything 50/50,” Rivera said, explaining their commitment to working as a team toward a common goal, “but he knows that we are both his parents and that’s not going to change.” She added, “We may have different styles in parenting, but we’re consistent and he has a foundation to work from.”


The former spouses pay close attention to their interactions with one another and try not to let other issues get in the way. They consciously work to avoid arguing and attend as many school functions as possible. Rivera explains that they “obviously” did not plan to divorce, but they still cannot forget their role as parents: “It’s not that parents divorce, but how they handle it.”


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