Is Having Sexual Fantasies About Sarah Palin Grounds For Divorce?

Comedians have a way of lightening the mood, don’t they? This is especially the case when it comes to divorce and matters of the heart.  Comedian Tracy Morgan took things a little further this past week.

Everyone has sexual fantasies. I’m just not so sure how many people fantasize about Sarah Palin.  Some must.

In a humorous article posted on The Stir, we get a look into some of the top celebrities who may be in your partners fantasy.  Some people are still rather bothered by the fact that their husbands may be thinking about someone else. Or is it the “who” that is bothering them.

“If my husband made that known, on national television or even in the privacy of my own home, I would be mortified. And it has nothing to do with my left leaning political views”, stated the article.

It is nice to shed some humor on a very difficult process.  Would having sexual fantasies be grounds for divorce in NY?  Not under the old fault system, where you would have to prove your spouse’s adultery.  Thankfully, now under the new no-fault law you can get divorced if your marriage has been irretrievably broken for six months, even if it became broken due to your sexual fantasies about the Alaskan Republican Governor.

Want to read the whole story and see who made the list? Go ahead and click here

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