Moving Forward After Divorce

Sheree Fletcher, the star of VH1’s “Hollywood Exes” knows who to deal with divorce. Most importantly she has come crucial tips for those going through the strenuous task of co-parenting. Here is what she told the Huffington Post below.

As co-parents, there is a natural proclivity (and you will find yourself in this place more than once!) toward wanting to be the better parent. In the aftermath of a divorce or breakup, we subconsciously start the “co-mpetition” when we should instead be co-operating for the sake of our children. The question that you really have to ask yourself is, “Do I really want my child to have a bad parent?” Absolutely not! You are both on the same team with the same goals, and you really have to believe this in your heart. Learn to identify the signs of being in “co-mpetiton” mode instead of a co-parenting mode. This game is played in your head before it ever sees the light of day. When we highlight the flaws of the other parent, we are in so many words saying, “I am the good one and you are the bad one.” We must cover the other parent for the sake of the child. Even if we feel that they are not up to par and don’t deserve our allegiance, know that your child does! We have to get our priorities straight; who is most important to you? Put your child’s father in the best possible position to succeed. Keep the other parent informed about the child’s activities, accomplishments, sporting events — anything that encourages parents to participate and/or share in. Don’t sit in the stands hoping he won’t show up so you can shine in your child’s eyes and take the MVP (Most Valuable Parent) award home that evening. That award guarantees your child’s loss — 0 to 1. It’s much better for your children if they had both of you side-by-side in the stands cheering them on. I’m praying that you get to that place; it’s a reach, but it can happen. I’m living proof! Remember who we’re rooting for.

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