New NYS No-Fault Divorce Law Will End “Institutionalized Perjury”

One of the many benefits of the new NYS no-fault divorce law is that it will finally put an end to what has been dubbed “institutionalized perjury” by some.

What this term means is that the existing New York divorce law that required fault grounds for divorce encouraged people to lie to (or commit perjury against) the court.  Pregnant women would claim they hadn’t had sex in over a year, couples with the same address would claim abandonment, couples who got along real swell would claim cruel and inhuman treatment.  The list could go on.

Now, you no longer have to supply the court with a reason to be granted a divorce.  Now, if your marriage is not working you can end it.  Now, there is no longer a reason to commit perjury.

If your marriage is not working and you are considering a no-fault divorce, call (866) 830-2064 to schedule a free consultation with a New York no-fault divorce lawyer today.

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