New York Divorce Attorney, Flat Fee Versus By the Hour: Sanity Versus Insanity

Today’s attorney’s fees have become astronomical.  I recently read an article by a New York divorce lawyer who charges $700 per hour.  Given that the average contested divorce can take hundreds of hours, if you are in the market for a divorce and can do math your stomach probably just dropped.

$700 an hour is on the high side.  The average New York contested divorce attorney fee is approximately $250 an hour.  Again, hundreds of hours…  I wouldn’t want to be paying those fees.

Our New York Uncontested Divorce Attorney law firm offers affordable flat fee services for uncontested divorces.  There are no hidden fees.  No surprises.  You know what you are getting into up front.

I recently received an email from a woman stating that she had already spent $125,000 on her New York divorce and was wondering if I could represent her pro bono.  I wish I could have helped, but our law office only offers uncontested divorces.

Be smart.  If you and your spouse are considering divorce, be grownup about it (if you can, its definitely not always possible).  Try to reach an amicable agreement regarding the division of your assets and custody and support issues if you have children.  If you can you will save yourselves thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on your divorce.

Our NY divorce law office offers free consultations.  Call toll-free (866) 830-2064 now to schedule your free consultation to learn how you too can save thousands of dollars on your divorce.

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  1. olly@ Component Compare
    olly@ Component Compare says:

    Wow these are very large figures – I think one should ensure they are 100% certain that their decision to get married in the first place is correct – then this would save all this cost.

    However… it may cost you guys a bit of a business?

  2. sachin@Austin divorce lawyers
    sachin@Austin divorce lawyers says:

    I Think divorce is really now a days very common thing so that i think we should try to think about it. I think a proper communication can be the best solution for this.
    Anyways keep it up and keep continue with your valuable thoughts in the future.

  3. Dick Price
    Dick Price says:

    Even way out here in Texas, the attorney fees can quickly mount up when people go into attack mode in divorces. I have used flat fees in some cases, even contested ones, and I agree that they make a lot of sense if people will give them a try. Very nice blog!

    • David Centeno
      David Centeno says:

      Good question. We don’t charge an hourly rate so how many hours it takes us to complete an uncontested divorce is not relevant. Although there are too many factors to come up with a figure for the “average” divorce. Our starting rate for a New York uncontested divorce is just $499 plus court filing fees, which is thousands of dollars less than most attorneys. We try to keep our legal fees as affordable as possible so that we can help as many people as possible through the often difficult process of divorce.


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