New York Divorce with Children: Lessen Undue Emotional and Financial Stress

Do you have children and are considering getting divorced?  It’s common to worry about how your divorce will affect your children. What about if your children are now adults? Often times you may not realize the impact that the divorce may have on your adult children.

Aside from the obvious emotional trauma that a divorce inevitably brings about, adult children are often faced with the harsh reality of a financial change from your divorce.  Of course, we can assist you with making sure that the emotional and financial trauma that your children suffer is minimal.  If we can avoid it altogether, that’s even better.

A recent article published by Reuters, explores some of the financial woes that these children may have to face. Think about it when a divorce happens, everything is generally split in half, so what happens to the trust fund for the child? Or the college fund for that matter?  Do both parents continue to contribute?

Children also worry about is who is going to take care of aging parents? That burden generally falls into the child’s lap.

The article then goes on to say   “They may feel financially responsible for their parents at an early age”. There are some wonderful tips and advice given that can help ease the burden.

Of course, having a lawyer who is experienced in these matters can also help to work out any of the financial issues that may cause your children an undue amount of stress. Give our office a call today and see how we can help you. We can be reached at (866) 830-2064.

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