Sex, Technology and Divorce: Today’s Lipstick on His Collar…

Today’s technology has enabled amazing advancements for modern society.  It allows us to communicate easier, find people with similar interests faster and trade media at lightening speeds.  The internet has also spurred on what our ancestors termed adultery in new ways…

Pornography, chat rooms, dating sites, “hookup sites” and the like have spread like a forest fire through the Net.  Today, if you are cheating on your spouse it is easier to cheat, but its also easier to get caught.  Our parents and grandparents may have spoken in hushed tones about seeing lipstick on his collar or the smell of perfume or cologne.  Today, there are cell phone call logs, text messages, emails, account registrations, cookies or the cache on your computer, or getting caught with hardcore porn on your browser.  All of these things can easily lead to divorce.  Tiger Woods (and countless others) have been caught via incriminating text messages.

Divorce court has seen a change in the evidence presented to prove fault in divorce cases.  With today’s technology there often is hard evidence that can be entered to prove someone is lying or telling the truth.

If you have been caught cheating or think your spouse may be committing adultery and are considering divorce, contact our law office today to set up your free consultation at (866) 830-2064…

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