Spouse Cheating on You? Don’t Hack Their Email or You Could Go to Jail

So, you’re married and have reason to believe that your spouse is cheating on you. You decide to read their emails when they are not around. While of course this is an invasion of privacy, is it a crime?  For a 33 year old man in Michigan, it might just be a crime.

Leon Walker, 33, is facing 5 years in prison if convicted of felony charges for hacking into his wife Clara’s email. Walker discovered that his wife was having an affair with her 2nd husband. The 2nd husband who was once arrested for beating Clara in front of their son.  So not only is his wife Clara cheating, she may also be putting her child at risk.

Walker turned the email’s over to Clara’s first husband, who is the child in question’s father.

This is the first case of it’s kind. You have to wonder though what would you do in this situation? Not only is your wife cheating on you, but cheating on you with an alleged wife beater? And putting a child at risk?

Was Leon Walker justified in his actions if it was to protect an innocent child?

Now, Leon has to worry about spending the next 5 year in prison. Something seems a bit off about this, wouldn’t you agree? To a degree, don’t all divorce cases revolve around some sort of snooping? While hacking into an email may not be the best choice, should someone have to spend 5 years in jail?

This is an example why you need the experience of our law firm to help you through your divorce process. We have legal methods and can help you hire a private investigator, should you feel  your spouse is being unfaithful. Don’t take the chance of hacking into someone’s email account and getting caught, call us today at (866) 830-2064.

Read the full story here. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this.

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