What is a New York Uncontested Divorce?

A New York Uncontested Divorce is a type of divorce, that is much more affordable, less stressful and faster than a typical divorce, or contested divorce.

In an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse agree upon certain things so that you don’t have to put each other through (or your wallets through) a litigious contested divorce where everything is argued in court.

Most importantly, you and your spouse have to agree upon (or at least be willing to negotiate):

  • the grounds that your will file your divorce under (i.e., abandonment, cruel and inhuman treatment),
  • whether one spouse will pay the other alimony or maintenance,
  • how your marital assets and liabilities will be divided and
  • (if you have children) child support,
  • visitation and
  • custody issues

If you can agree upon these types of issues, then you qualify for a New York uncontested divorce.  One of our New York uncontested divorce lawyers can explain, during your free initial phone consultation, how this process will save you money, time and heartache.

To learn how you too can save thousands of dollars on your divorce, please call (866) 830-2064 now to personally speak to one of our New York uncontested divorce lawyers.


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