What is New York’s New No-Fault Divorce Law?

New York’s new no-fault divorce law revolutionizes NYS divorce law by now allowing couples to get divorced for the simple fact that their marriage is no longer working.

Before this new law, just recently passed by the NYS legislature and signed into law by Governor David Paterson, couple had to prove fault grounds in order to get divorced.

You used to have to accuse your spouse (and prove to the court) grounds like abandonment, cruel and inhuman treatment and adultery.

The court had a great deal of discretion when it came to deciding whether you satisfied what they considered to be cruel and inhuman treatment.

For adultery, neither you or your spouse could give testimony to prove it.  The court required a third party to give sworn testimony of first hand knowledge of the adultery.  The person would have had to witnessed an actual adulterous act.

Now you can just say that your marriage is “irretrievably” broken down for the last six months.

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