Wife Sues Husband Over Home-Sale Proceeds

A restaurant owner in Brooklyn is being sued by his wife for allegedly giving his brother too much money.

Alan Harding, builder of the Smith St. restaurant row that included Patois, Gowanus Yacht Club and Pacifico, is accused of cheating his soon to be ex wife, Leslie Parks, on the proceeds from the sale of their home in Carroll Gardens.

According to Parks, the daughter of the renowned photographer and filmmaker Gordon Parks, Hardings gave half of the proceeds to his brother, Jeffrey, a share she is rightful to.

“It’s making my life completely difficult,” Parks, 43, said of her husband’s alleged avoidance of court orders. “For some reason he thinks he can do whatever he wants to do.”

She filed the suit against the Hardings in Brooklyn Supreme Court, claiming all parties agreed Jeffrey would not receive any money from the sale of the property, except for “reimbursement for any specific contributions.”

“This was done in order to frustrate her claims in the divorce action,” said Parks’s lawyer, Paul O’Dwyer.

Supposedly, $115,000 was intended to go into an escrow account that a judge would later divide between the warring spouses.Instead, only $28,000 was deposited because of Jeffrey Harding’s cut.

Parks’ suit asks for reimbursements and damages exceeding $1 million. That’s a big jump from $100,000 but if her lawyer is equipped, such a task can be accomplished.

For more information, check out: Daily News

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