Celebrity Divorces Can Be Damaging

You’re strolling though a Stop & Shop and something catches your eye. It’s not the scrumptious chocolate cake shimmering in the bakery nor is it the bouquet of red and white roses beleaguering your senses.

It’s the colorful front cover of a magazine inviting you to flip through the lives of various celebrities. You cave in, pick one up and scrounge it for a good laugh. “I knew they wouldn’t last more than five years” or “Wow, I thought they were the perfect couple” falls from your lips as you’re bombarded by divorce news of the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock.

When you put the magazine down, you go on your merry way to forage for groceries, without another thought about what you just read in mind. Or do you?

Is it possible that exposure to countless public divorces affects your understanding of marriage and as a result, your understanding of your own?

If all we encounter is marital negativity, chances are we’re absorbing it in and without our knowledge, our perception of marriage changes: its sacredness, its meaning, its commitment. Marriage becomes escapable and its significance is pushed aside by its evanescence. The longevity of marriage is taken away by nagging doubts and minuscule proof, damaging the relationship you have with your spouse.

Don’t let frivolous magazines influence your beliefs about love-editors don’t publish happy news because they find that boring and uninspiring.

Prove them wrong by dismissing the negative content and affirming your own ideas; don’t let your marriage reflect your view on the marriages of the celebrity world.

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