UK Survey Reveals Money Mistake Many Women Make Post-Split

Dealing with the financials post divorce can be tough, especially for women who may not have bene the primary breadwinner during their marriages. A recent survey in the United Kingdom showcased some of the common money mistakes that women make after a divorce. According to the survey nearly one in five women stop paying their pension plan, among other things.

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Life After Divorce and Breast Cancer at 40

Divorce on it’s own is already a tough experience for anyone but heaping cancer on top of it? that is truly a a life altering experience. But with the right support system and attitude, even the most insurmountable tasks can be overcome .Read how one woman had her rebirth after going through that experience.


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Divorce in a Day

No the sky isn’t falling and there aren’t pigs flying up there either, but yes – divorce in one day may be possible.
At least it was in this case. Read more to find out about Sacramento’s speed divorces/

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Sacramento Judge Aims to Expedite Divorce Process

Marriage is beautiful and supposedly everlasting, divorce is ugly and drawn out. Yet one California judge, James Mize, is trying to expedite the process by offering speedy divorces. The program aims to have people divorced in one day. A far cry from the protracted battles which are usually common in divorce proceedings.

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Viagra and Divorce

At first glance this may seem odd, Viagra is supposed to help divorce right? By aiding the physical side of a relationship? But perhaps this isn’t the case, is viagra creating major issues between the newly sexualized males and their spouses whose libido may be waning? Find out more here below.

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Divorce Rates on the Decline

Stop the presses! It seems that divorces are on the decline across America. A recent article by the Huffington Post highlighted this issue. The main reasons for the decline are centered around the recession, more women in the workforce and the rise of living together before marriage.

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Life after divorce

Truth is, when you got married, chances are you meant those words. You really were in love and you thought it would last forever. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, sometimes the real world just doesn’t work out that way and we are forced to end our marriages. Life after divorce can be tough but if we can adequately prepare than mitigating the task can be a whole lot easier.


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23 Small Things That Will Cost You Big Time In Divorce

It’s a stressful time, and we’ve all heard it before, but do not let divorce be a stupid time as well. It’s easy to overlook the small details but they can add up if you don’t pay attention. The Huffington Post has outlined 23 small things that could cost you big time if they are ignored in a divorce.

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The Next Frontier of Technology: Making Divorce Easier

Divorce, welcome to the 21st century, filled with all the si-fi paraphernalia you could ever want.

Introducing Wevorce, a startup that breaks the process of getting a divorce into discrete steps that are easily managed without having to get into a messy court battle. Will this catch on? Admittedly though it can be hard the human element may still necessary for a somewhat amicable divorce. Ignoring this could lead to miscommunication and exacerbate certain problems even further.

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After the Breakup, They Help Sell the House

The splitting of assets post divorce is an arduous task especially when an asset as large as a house is involved. For the real estate agents who have to deal with  this the process isn’t easy. How do you represent two people who are going through emotional turmoil? A recent New York Times article delves into this issue.

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