Kate Gosselin: Dating After Divorce

On the Today Show Monday morning, Kate Gosselin, mother of eight, and TLC reality star, paid a visit to discuss her romantic life after divorcing her husband Jon of ten years.

“It’s definitely time for me to start dating again, but there’s a lot of obstacles for me,” she said. “I hope to just bump into somebody…I have eight kids, I have a crazy work schedule, and I’m known. I’m hoping that person is out there,” she stated

Her children are insistent upon a new marriage which implies their desire to have a solid father figure and to have someone make their mother happy. 

She further went on to say, “If [a suitor] can pass the test, he’s got to be Superman.”

Any man who can handle and entertain 8 children and a wife is some sort of super hero. 

Good luck, Gosselin. Everyone deserves to be loved.

For more information, check out The Huffington Post

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