The Shocking Way That Porsha Stewart Found Out About Her Divorce!

Porsha Stewart, the wife of former NFL star and now TV analyst Kordell Stewart, was admittedly shocked when she found out that her husband had fild for divorce. However the way it happened was even worse, imagine finding out on Twitter!?

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UK Survey Reveals Money Mistake Many Women Make Post-Split

Dealing with the financials post divorce can be tough, especially for women who may not have bene the primary breadwinner during their marriages. A recent survey in the United Kingdom showcased some of the common money mistakes that women make after a divorce. According to the survey nearly one in five women stop paying their pension plan, among other things.

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Making money: Planning for divorce, and more

We all know the old saying, it’s better to be safe than sorry and this is especially true if a divorce is looming. Being the one to make the first move in a post divorce financial battle can garner you the upper hand, so be prepared because it can cost you. Here are some tips on how to adequately plan for the financial side of your divorce.


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Best Use of Divorce Cash Before Retirement?

Let’s say you make out like a bandit after your divorce and retirement is approaching, now what? Some may opt to pay off outstanding college loans, others may be more inclined to splurge or invest, but as you approach your later years making the right decision is a crucial task.

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Life after divorce

Truth is, when you got married, chances are you meant those words. You really were in love and you thought it would last forever. Unfortunately despite our best efforts, sometimes the real world just doesn’t work out that way and we are forced to end our marriages. Life after divorce can be tough but if we can adequately prepare than mitigating the task can be a whole lot easier.


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5 Common Divorce Mistakes

The months immediately post divorce are filled with untimely mishaps and rash decisions, simply put it is prime time for mistake making. From repeatedly calling your ex, to not relying on help, there are many ways you can make the pain even worse. Well to make sure you don’t fall into the trap here are some crucial tips.

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Starting Your Financial Life Over After Divorce

Attempting to start again after sharing the better part of your adult life with your spouse is not only a hard task from an emotional standpoint but also a financial one. The two income household brings with it may advantages, all of which are ripped away the second the divorce proceedings are finalized. Even if you profit in a divorce you are now again in control of your own finances.


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Take Time for Emotional Clarity in Decisions

It’s a well known fact that divorce is the most stressful time in a person’s life, conversely it is also the most crucial time to remain level-headed in your decision making. The wrong choice of action could effectively cripple your finances or even your life. What else can work to keep you emotionally level-headed?

Put your ego aside
Recognize ways that things are better
See a therapist

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Gray Divorce: How To Make Splitting Later In Life Less Stressful

Though divorce can be a stark and life changing event at any junction, it’s effects are often exacerbated later on in life. Simply put it makes sense. Imagine being tied to someone for the better part of 40 years and then having that person separate from you, it is obviously an extremely traumatic event. Here are some crucial tips for dealing with a “gray divorce.”


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5 Ways Divorce Takes Your Money

Forget potentially losing half of your money in a divorce, sometimes the hidden fees are almost as financially crippling as the ones that are right in your face. From some hidden legal fees, to taxes and future planning. Samantha Fraelich, a financial advisor with believes that most people don’t realize the toll a divorce can take on their finances. Check out more below.


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