Learn How to Save Money on Your Divorce, Even in New York, the Most Expensive Divorce State in the Nation – The “Affordable Divorce”

New York is not only one of the most expensive places to live, its also one of the most expensive places on earth to get divorced.  New York divorce is exceedingly expensive for various reasons:

  • New York still requires fault grounds for divorce (as the New York Times recently editorialized and I commented on),
  • New York’s custody laws seem to encourage litigation, and
  • professional licenses and educational degrees are classified as marital assets,

all which promotes litigation.  New York state doesn’t make it easy to get divorced.

Yet, don’t fear.  Our law office offers an affordable alternative to the average litigious New York divorce.  Our law office has coined the phrase “Affordable Divorce” to describe the inexpensive, out of court, often amicable divorce settlements that our law office reaches for our clients.

The Affordable Divorce should be the goal for every couple facing the end of their marriage in today’s economic recession.   No matter whether you work as an Investment Banker on Wall Street or are a Maintenance Worker for Macy’s, you are faced with the harsh reality of the economic recession: declining home prices and equity, rampant foreclosures, shrinking 401k investments, and decreasing paychecks and savings accounts.  You may have had to face job loss, cut back on your hours at work, and ever-growing credit card debts. You, like every other New Yorker, are probably concerned about saving money and preventing loss of your hard-earned assets during your divorce.

In order to reap the rewards of an “Affordable Divorce” you will have to be committed to doing the following:

Most importantly, you and your spouse have to commit to giving your all to negotiate an out of court settlement with the help of your attorneys.  Litigation should always be your last resort.  You should also reach an agreement regarding the grounds for divorce, which will prevent future litigation.

Secondly, if you have children, you and your spouse should reach a custody and visitation agreement which is in the best interest of your children.  Discuss joint custody and joint parenting.  If your household consists of two working parents, shared parenting may be in the best interests of the children.  Attorneys can help you customize a parenting schedule to meet everyone’s needs in the family.

Aside from child custody and visitation, financial issues usually give rise to explosive emotions.  Its extremely important for you to have realistic expectations when it comes to finances, and always follow your attorneys advice.  Always be up front about financial issues, including assets and income.  Don’t try to hide things.  If you do, it may end up costing you far more in the end.  In the current economy, be willing to compromise when its comes to extra expenses above and beyond meeting basic needs, such as private school, camp, tutors, etc. Remember that none of these issues are set in stone and later may be amended.  You will need an experienced attorney to help guide you smoothly through these issues.

Unfortunately, not every marriage is capable of doing the above.  Litigation may be inevitable.   Its always a shame to see couples who let their emotions get the best of them and lash out in vindictive ways.  The negotiation needed to have an “Affordable Divorce” will likely not bee possible in those situations.

We offer a free consultation to determine whether an “Affordable Divorce” is an option based on your specific circumstances.

The Law Office of David Centeno, PLLC concentrates solely on divorce and family law.  Our divorce law office has coined the phrase “Affordable Divorce,” and helps clients reach their goals in a cost-effective and amicable way.  Our law office offers free divorce consultations.  Call (866) 830-2064 to see if you qualify for an “Affordable Divorce” today…

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  1. Lawyers
    Lawyers says:

    We do agree: the goal for every couple facing the end of their marriage, should be an affordable and fast divorce. Saving time and money has become a priority nowdays.

    • David Centeno
      David Centeno says:

      That sure sounds like magical thinking from my standpoint. In the ideal world, yes, I wouldn’t wish divorce upon anyone. Yet, I wouldn’t wish being trapped in a failed marriage on anyone either. Divorce is a reality. One cannot just make it go away. We make divorce as affordable and painless as possible because we know how painful divorce can be…


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