Mexican Divorce Scams

I was contacted by a potential client today who had an all too familiar sob story.  His “wife” had hired someone in Mexico to do a fast Mexican divorce.  She was given final papers.  She got remarried.

Years later her supposedly ex-husband wants to get remarried and to make a long story short, the Mexican Consulate informed them that the divorce was not valid.  They had been scammed.

Now I have to explain to this poor gentleman on the phone that he is not actually married.  His marriage is void as per public policy, which is a fancy way of saying that he isn’t married.

His wife needs to hire a New York licensed attorney to do her divorce, rather than some scam artist in Mexico.  Once she gets a valid legally binding divorce, then she can marry the gentleman on the phone, who she thinks she is married to.

To avoid a mess like this, contact our law office today to schedule a free initial divorce consultation at (866) 830-2064.

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