Do I Need a Social Security Number to Get Divorced: Undocumented Immigrants, Illegal Aliens and Those of Us Who Just Don’t Know

I often am asked by clients whether a social security number is required to get a New York divorce.  The short answer is yes and no.

Confusing, right?  Let me explain…

Even if you are an undocumented immigrant (i.e., an illegal alien), you can still get a New York divorce.  The court will not alert the government of your undocumented status.  So you are safe from deportation and can still get a New York divorce.  Let me repeat, you will not be deported and can get a New York uncontested divorce.

We will prepare a special affidavit for this situation, in which you swear to not have a social security number.  That is all that will be required for you to get your New York uncontested divorce.

If you or your spouse does have a social security number, you do need to provide it to the court.  We run across many instances where clients do not know their spouse’s or partner’s social security number and have no way of getting it.  This is a problem and the New York courts will reject your divorce without it.

If you are an undocumented immigrant or illegal alien and would like to learn more about obtaining a New York divorce, contact our law office for a free initial consultation.  Our toll-free number is (866) 830-2064

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