New York Uncontested Divorce: NY Times Says Its Less Harmfull to Those Involved, Especially Children

The New York Times just published an op-ed articles discussing how no-fault divorce is the best way to protect children (and all people involved) from the harmful consequences of divorce.  Unfortunately, New York is the only state in the nation that does not allow no-fault divorce, except under the narrow exception of what is called a conversion divorce where the parties had filed a separation agreement with the court and waited a year.

The article’s author, Ruth Bettleheim, is a marriage and family therapist.  She cites some interesting pro-divorce (or at least pro-uncontested divorce) research that challenges the widely held preconception that children of divorced families are worse off than their non-divorced home peers.  The studies show that this preconceived notion is false.  It actually shows that children of divorced homes are no worse off than their non-divorced home peers, and actually may become more resilient from enduring the divorce process.

Bettleheim also discusses how fault based divorce litigation and child custody battles are horrible for childrens’ well being.  She states that the no-fault (or New York uncontested divorce) way of going about divorce is far more beneficial to children and all people involved.

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  1. Mobile Moms
    Mobile Moms says:

    I always find your blogs interesting and helpful. Thank you for noting that NYT article. I agree that an uncontested divorce would be best for children. The idea of staying in an unhappy situation/marriage “for the children” seems to be a mistake to me. Thank you for your article. Keep them coming!

  2. Jose
    Jose says:

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