Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Call Off Divorce After She Visits Him at Patrick Carnes’ Gentle Path Sex Addiction Treatment Center…

According to news sources, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have called off their divorce after Elin visited him at what has been called “sex rehab.”  Many eyebrows have been raised…

Our law firm actually has researched sex addiction after many people had come to us with this problem.  After much research, I can confirm that sex addiction is a real disease similar to alcoholism or drug addiction.  It is an ever increasing problem with the advent the over-sexualized media and advertising, online pornography, as well as internet chat and hookup sites.  Technology has made adultery all the more accessible.  Not everyone who has an affair is a sex addict, yet many may be.

For more information on the treatment of sexual addiction, please visit the two premier sex addiction treatment center websites: Pine Grove’s Gentle Path website or the Prescott House. Also, if you feel you have a problem here are two websites that may help you: Sex Addicts Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

Our law office has a very good understanding of sex addiction’s affect on marriage.  We offer divorce mediation when sex addiction is an issue, sex addiction legal separations, as well as sex addiction divorces.  For your free initial consultation call (866) 830-2064 today…

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  1. J.C.Patel
    J.C.Patel says:

    you have done good job,by saving Elin’s famity.
    dtvorce is not at all a good solution when there is a child in family. you will agree with me. send them my lots of good wishes & blessings for ever.

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