“Divorce Sales”

Quite possibly the most entertaining idea to be born from divorce, Divorce Sales is a company founded by the 37-year-old entrepreneur, Jill Alexander. The company was founded to help wealthy divorcees sell down their things, a shopaholic’s greatest dream come true.

This living dream is further amplified by the fact that these sales are being held in chic hotel ballrooms throughout Los Angeles.

Alexander explains the goal of the company isn’t to make a profit but to help women endure a difficult phase. “It is a really cathartic experience. When you clear out your closet, it can be freeing. You are downsizing, but you also don’t want the clothes from your past life,” she states.


I think this is an experience we could all understand, regardless of whether or not we are going through or a divorce or even in a relationship. Somewhere, lying in our closets or in our house or car, there is an object that upon visual recognition will assault our memories.

To stay attached to that object is to be controlled by the memory and what better way to relinquish its control than to relinquish the object?

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