Fast New York Divorce: Fact or Fiction?

[box style=”alert”]Please note – I wrote this post years ago.  Now we offer an Expedited Service that can get you your divorce in less than 2 months! Call (866) 830-2064 for details[/box]

If you want a fast NY divorce then you should read this post. You may want out of their marriage as fast as possible and I don’t blame you but make sure that you’re not getting duped into hiring an attorney or service that is promising you the impossible or worse yet straight up lying to you.

I have gone to other lawyers websites and seen promises of divorce in two months.  This is a straight up misrepresentation (a.k.a., a  LIE).  No court in New York State is banging out divorces in two months and no attorney is getting all the paperwork drafted, served, signed and filed and receiving a divorce judgment in two months.  This is malarkey and aggravates me because lawyers lying to prospective clients is unethical and reportable to the New York State Bar Association’s Ethics Committee.

Worse yet, there are divorce services that claim to be able to get you a same day Las Vegas divorce or same day Mexican divorce which do not provide you with a legally valid or binding divorce.  These services are perpetrating fraud on people who are usually already suffering through the painful process of divorce.

So is a fast New York divorce fact or fiction?  Well it depends what you mean by fast.

Same day divorce. Fiction.

Two month divorce.  Fiction.

Three to five month divorce.  Fact.

I am a professional.  I care about my clients, professional reputation and law license.  I’m not going to lie to you just to get you to sign up your case with my law firm.  I’m going to be realistic with you regarding fast divorce time frames and trust that the sincerity in my voice and credentials makes it apparent that my law firm is your best option for a fast NY divorce.

If you want to schedule a free consultation with me to discuss getting a fast NY divorce, please call (866) 830-2064.

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