Expedited 30-Day Divorce

“NY Divorce Done Fast”

Learn How We Can Expedite Your Divorce – Divorce in 3o-Days or Less!

We have developed an optional Expedited Divorce Process that gets you your divorce lightning fast. Read how quick and easy your divorce can be:

  • Call Us

    Call us at (866) 830-2064 and schedule a Free Phone Consultation with one of our friendly Attorneys.  For your convenience, there are no office visits required!

  • Free Phone Consultation

    One of our friendly Attorneys will call you at your scheduled time and answer all of your questions regarding how to get your quick divorce using our Expedited Service.

  • Answer Some Simple Questions

    In the comfort of your own home, you’ll answer a few simple questions via our user-friendly Secure Online Questionnaire and with a click of a button send us the information!

  • We’ll Get Your Divorce Started

    We’ll carefully review your answers and make sure everything looks good. Then we’ll file a Summons with the Court and purchase your Index Number to get your divorce officially started! This will all happen in the matter of a few days.

  • We’ll Email You Docs to Sign

    We’ll email you and your spouse documents to sign. You’ll print them out and get them signed and notarized. You’ll mail the executed documents back to us.

  • We’ll File Your Final Papers

    We’ll then put together and file your final divorce papers with the Court. Once filed, we will closely track your case and keep you proactively updated.

  • You’re Officially Divorced!

    Usually within 30 days or less, the Judge will sign your Judgment of Divorce. You’re now officially divorced! We will mail you a copy of your Judgment of Divorce.

Expedited NY Divorce? Quick and Easy!

Our Expedited Divorce service allows you to get the fastest, most convenient uncontested divorce possible.

In order to qualify for our Expedited Service you and your spouse must be in agreement about the terms of your divorce such as child support, child custody, spousal maintenance and the division of any property or assets (if applicable).

We’re able to finalize your divorce with no court appearances or office visits. All we need you to do is answer a few simple questions and we can get your Expedited divorce started.

Our goal is to keep this often stressful process as smooth and easy as possible for you. Getting your divorces accomplished quickly will help alleviate your stress as well. We handle your case with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring we are able to achieve your goal of a fast divorce.

The steps above clearly outline how our quick divorce process works.

We’ve helps hundreds of clients obtain quick, easy and convenient divorces with no court appearances or office visits required.

To learn more about how do get a quick divorce call us at (866) 830-2064 or fill out our free consultation request form.