Fast New York Divorce… Same Day Divorce… What???

I get calls from people who want to get divorced today, right now, within the hour, manana, this minute, by tomorrow, and the list goes on and on…

I have been told that certain unsavory websites promise to fly them to Mexico, Nevada or some other sketchy place to get them divorced ASAP.  They claim that they have been told that these divorces will be legal and valid in New York state.  Yikes…

In my New York divorce law practice I guarantee fast results.  I guarantee that the results will be legally binding.  I guarantee that we will complete all of your uncontested divorce work within three days.  But for God’s sake, I can’t guarantee things that are not legal, will not work in the long run and are unethical.  I am an attorney not a con artist… 😉

We have developed an Expedited Service that can get you your divorce in under two months.  Not everyone qualifies for it, but if you do I can assure you that no one does divorce faster than us.

Click this link to request a free divorce consultation to learn how fast you can legally get a New York uncontested divorce, or call toll-free (866) 830-2064 and schedule an appointment today…

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  1. Autumn Garcia
    Autumn Garcia says:

    I never want to stand on my soapbox when it come to issues like this, but sometimes it’s just to easy. It’s sad to think about how marriage has become this solve all problems solution, but then down the line people relize it just adds to the problem not solves it. We have become so inpulsive and all knowing. We think it’s so easy to get divorced so whats the harm in getting married. We need to just sit down and think about what we do before we do it. Is it really that difficult?

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