In the Market for a NY Home? Beware of Sellers Going Through Divorce.

Are you in the market to by an apartment or home?  Make sure that you do some research into whether the Sellers of the property are getting a divorce.

CNN just recently released an article about a couple who almost didn’t close on their home because the Sellers were going through a contested divorce and were uncooperative in the process.  They got caught in between the Sellers vindictiveness, and almost suffered a tremendous financial loss.  Don’t let this happen to you.

CNN quotes Randy Morrow, an Arlington, VA-based Realtor,

“Then, there’s a very good chance the settlement will not happen on schedule,” he said. “Buyers should talk to their agents about placing protective language in the offer. If a case is really nasty, I would tell my clients to run.”

Read the full article here:

If you have any stories like this, let us know.

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