Internet Based New York Divorce Law Practice Alters the Legal Playing Field…

My law office, the Law Office of David Centeno PLLC, is not your average law firm.  That is, we are not your average antiquated brick and mortar firm (i.e., we don’t keep a storefront).  We have discovered a way to use today’s technology to make the legal system more accessible to you.  This is how we offer you such affordable New York divorce services…

Over the last few days I have received numerous phone calls from potential clients who at first seem excited about the affordable divorce prices that we are able to offer.  “Wow, that’s like $2,500 less than I have been quoted,” one exclaimed.

Yet, when the question arises regarding setting up an appointment to physically come meet me, I explain that we only offer phone or internet teleconference consultations.  “Okay, goodbye…” one woman said right before I heard the click as she hung up the phone!

This also occurs around payment options.  I explain that we accept all major credit cards via PayPal (today’s longest-standing, most reputable internet payment company).  I am always amazed when people say “No, I want to meet you in person and physically hand you a check.”  Please mail us a check or pay us online, but again, we don’t have a brick and mortar storefront to meet in.  This is how we give you such affordable rates.  (Sorry for being repetitive, but I am trying to make a point.)

When I ask people why they demand meeting in person, I am usually met with some vague fear about doing business online.

The problem with meeting me in person is that this would cost you extra money.  Money for a law office, money for a consultation, and money for the cookies and coffee we would offer you in the waiting room to be hospitable…

I do understand those in our technologically savvy generation who have been instilled with the fears of “doing business online.”  I wouldn’t want to give my credit card payment to any Tom, Dick or Harry over the Net, yet I argue that we are neither Tom, Dick nor Harry.  We are a law firm.  We are attorneys licensed to practice law by the state of New York.  We would not risk losing our valuable licenses just to rip someone off for $499.  That would be insane.  Plus, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Personally, I bank online, purchase items online, have hired attorneys online, and communicate with friends and clients online.  Our society is increasingly based online.

Taking the lead from society, our law office is predominantly online.  We advertise online, get found by most of our clients online, accept payments online, teleconference with clients online via Skype, receive faxes and voicemails online.  I like to think of our law office as more resembling the law offices of the future, rather than the uptight Big 10 law firms (some of which I have worked for in the past, YUCK!).

The year is 2010.  It sounds reminiscent of a futuristic space movie of sorts.  The internet has allowed our society great freedom.  In doing so, it has eliminated the need for brick and mortar office fronts.  Because I don’t have to pay the overhead costs of a traditional office, I am able to pass that savings onto my clients.  This is how we are able to offer such affordable divorce services to you.

My law firm caters to those people who understand that today’s technology is the single factor which allows us to offer such amazing prices.  If you found us online because you need our help, please don’t let our online way of doing business deter you from hiring us.  We offer what few New York lawyers can:  affordable divorce representation, while maintaining the quality you demand and deserve.

If you want to meet face to face, lets do it over Skype!  Saves us both time, and as they say, “Time is money.”

Contact our divorce law office to set up your free divorce consultation now by calling (866) 830-2064…

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