$50 Million’s Chump Change for Kelsey Grammer

You would think you might be in a state of panic if you had to pay a $50 million divorce settlement.  Not Kelsey Grammer.  As my father always says, “It all relative and it depends who your relatives are.”

Despite having to potentially pay his soon to be ex-wife the sum of $50 million dollars, Kelsey is busy professing his love to his soon to be new wife.

Must be nice not to worry about  paying out over $50 million.

Public opinion is usually very important to such well known stars as Grammer, but I sit here scratching my head.  I guess some still believe that bad publicity is still publicity.  Kelsey couldn’t pay $50 million to get his name mentioned as many times as it has been over the last few weeks.

A recent article stated that during this divorce process, all Kelsey seems to care about is making his new love well known. Oh, let’s not forget blocking his wife Camille from getting any money. The article can be read here . Celebrities never cease to amaze me. Actually, people in general never cease to amaze me.

Won’t it be interesting to hear how this story pans out? Will Camille walk away with over $50 mil?

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