How Much Does a NY Prenup Cost


As a top rated NY prenup lawyer, I am often asked:

How much does a NY prenup cost?

My answer is rhetorical:

How much is your peace of mind and safeguarding your present and future assets worth to you?

Sure there are platforms that will slap together a boilerplate agreement for you, even some desperate attorneys who will do so as well, but it’s kind of like going to the dentist. Do you want your dentist to hand you the drill and tell you to drill your own cavity after reading a dentistry FAQ?  No, heck no!  Or do you want you dentist to just slap a one size fits all filling in the hole in your tooth?  Nope, no thanks.

Alright, enough about dentists. Yuck. But you get the point.

A prenup is the most important agreement that you may enter into in your entire life. You have to know what a prenup can and can’t address. You need to think about your relationship potentially falling apart years, if not decades, in the future and what you want to see happen then. You have to ensure your prenup won’t be overturned because it was done in a way that opened you up to am argument that your spouse didn’t know what he or she was signing or was under duress.

So, yes, you need an attorney to draft and negotiate your prenup.

The cost of a prenup will depend upon how complicated your situation is and how far apart you and your spouse are when it comes to reaching an agreement. It can also depend on who your spouse retains as their attorney.

If you have a relatively simple situation, then our fees will be considerably lower than if you have tens of millions of dollars in assets, held in complex structures and your fiancé is wanting more than you’re willing to offer.  A situation like that will obviously take more time and we have handled many situations just like this hypothetical.  We have also handled simple agreements for people who deserve the same protection and peace of mind as our high net worth clients.

Our starting rate for a prenup is $3,500 and that is usually sufficient to handle the entire process for you. We aren’t trying to sell you a $1,500 one-size-fits-all  agreement (yeah right, like that’s really even a thing). We have tremendous experience in drafting prenups for all sorts of people in all sorts of unique situations. We have seen it all.

As a prenup will change the way the law will apply to you and your spouse in the event of a future divorce, you first have to understand NY divorce law.  As NY divorce lawyers, we have the knowledge and hard earned experience to explain everything to you and guide you through the prenup process so that you avoid potential pitfalls.  We pride ourselves on being able to negotiate in a low conflict manner with an eye on achieving your goals but not blowing up your upcoming marriage.

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