A New Era?

Could this be the dawn of the new civil divorce? Last Friday Gov. Jay Inslee signed the Uniform Collaborative Law Act which allows couples to agree on the terms of their divorce without going to court at all.

This act can save many couples the heartbreak of a long protracted divorce, played out in public and gives a better chance to ending it all amicably.

Still it doesn’t remove the contentious part of divorce. Both parties still have to agree to meet outside of the court and come to an agreement. Without the guidance of the judge it can be an even harder task as well, but it does give the opportunity for couples to work out their financial issues without influence.

But why is news of this law gaining so much traction? Well, yes the benefit for the parents is obvious however the most beneficial facet of the new law is the fact that it protects the children from the exposure of a long divorce case. As most children who go through divorce end up mentally scarred it is important to take any steps to limit this effect.

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