Affordable New York Divorce Lawyer

The Law Office of David Centeno, PLLC offers a revolutionary divorce representation service making divorce much more affordable, less stressful, faster and easier.

Attorney David Centeno, the firm’s founder, had a vision of providing affordable New York divorce representation to client’s from all walks of life.  Since its inception, our law firm has represented millionaires, as well as people who struggled to pay the already highly reduced divorce legal fees.

The way that we do this is we charge a low flat rate for New York uncontested divorce.  There are no hidden or hourly fees.  There is no ungodly initial retainer.  Whether you are a stock broker or unemployed, I am sure that you can appreciate this.

By offering a low flat fee uncontested divorce, we are able to help more people get out of failed marriages.  We handle everything, we’re not one of those divorce document preparation companies.  We are a real law firm, comprised of real New York divorce lawyers.

Your case, from beginning to end, is monitored by one of our New York uncontested divorce lawyers.  We pride ourselves for offering high quality divorce representation at the same price that some of these paralegals and divorce document companies charge.

To learn more about how you can get an affordable New York divorce, please call our divorce hotline at (866) 830-2064.

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