Correlation Between Occupation and Divorce

New Zealand recently published a study that examines the correlation between divorce and occupation. The stressful duties that accompany a steady job affect the health of your relationship and alas, the duration.

A typical example of this is the indubitable workaholic- the one also presumed to be a vampire insomniac: using the blood of their labor as a fuel to labor more. Just like vampires sacrifice the ability to feel the warmth of the sun, hard laborers sacrifice an intimate relationship with their spouse.

For instance, those with fixed daily schedules such as teachers or office workers are more likely to have a thriving marriage than those with unpredictable hours such as nurses or surgeons who must always be on-call.

According to statistics, a third of all orthopedic surgeons divorced and personal care assistants achieved high quantities, a close second to telecommunication network planners and clerks.

Having a hustle and bustle job leads to stress, stress leads to tension, and tension leads to innumerable marriage tiffs that often end in a divorce.

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