Divorces in New York eating up time and finances

When it comes to divorce, lawyers, litigants and judges can agree on one thing: New York’s system is unwieldy, costly and in need of repair.

Six years after an ad hoc commission recommended a series of changes to the way New York courts handle these cases, the divorce process can still drag on, occupying court time and resources as one issue after another crops up in a case. According to a detailed survey by the New York State Bar Association, court budget cuts over the past year have worsened the situation; litigants in civil cases now must wait as long as a year just to get a trial date.

Husbands, wives, kids and finances are still getting chewed up by the system.

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Texas Supreme Court board mulls divorce forms

USTIN, Texas (AP) — A Texas Supreme Courtadvisory board on Friday debated forms intended to make it easier and less expensive for poor Texans to get divorced — hearing from proponents who say the forms would make the legal system more accessible, and attorneys’ groups who argue family law is too complicated to manage without a lawyer.

Last year, the court created a task force to design forms so that people who can’t afford attorneys could participate in legal proceedings, such as filing for divorces, especially in simple cases involving no children and few assets. Texas is one of just 13 states where couples can’t simply fill out a court-approved form and file for divorce.

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Divorce — A Weighty Issue

Weight is often an issue in divorce. I have had clients who have come to me seeking a divorce from a spouse because the husband or wife was vastly overweight and any physical attraction was long gone. Is that a basis for divorce?

According to the law — including law in Michigan where I practice, which is a no-fault state — any reason can cause a breakdown of the marriage, and weight is clearly a reason for a breakdown in communication.

I’ve had many clients who have met with me and stated that his or her spouse is complaining about his or her spouse’s weight, and then suddenly something happens — I call it the divorce diet. Whether because of stress or other reasons, there is suddenly weight loss. People stop eating. They also often stop sleeping.

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LI divorce filings up under new no-fault law

Divorce filings are up on Long Island since the state’s no-fault divorce law took effect 17 months ago, but breaking up isn’t always as simple as had been touted.

In Nassau County, the number of new cases grew 6 percent last year compared with 2009, the last full year under the old law. In Suffolk, filings rose 9 percent.

That increase mirrors what happened in the 49 other states that…

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Tamra Barney’s Divorce Settlement: No Spousal Support & Ordered To Be Civil To Ex-Husband

Real Housewives of Orange County starTamra Barney‘s divorce settlement with her second husband, Simon Barney, reveals that neither one will pay child orspousal support and that they must be civil to each other, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, the blonde beauty is clearly ready to put her bad marriage behind her as she just got engaged to hunky Eddie Judge.

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Pilar Sanders Wants Deion Punished for Tampering with a Witness

Pilar Sanders is attempting to prove her soon to be ex-husband, Deion Sanders, has tampered with a witness in their divorce.

The witness Pilar is accusing Deion of bribing is Deion’s alleged mistress, Aleea Stanton. Pilar claims that Deion payed off Stanton so she would keep her mouth shut about their alleged affair.

Pilar has filed motions in court against Deion, demanding that he face consequences for tampering with a witness.

Additionally, Pilar has reached out to another woman, Tracey Edmonds, whom she believes had an affair with Deion.

Kris Humphries’ Sister Reaps Rewards from Brother’s Divorce

While Kris Humphries’ popularity has plummeted since his divorce from Kim Kardashian last fall, his sister has benefited from the notoriety.

Humphries’ sister,  Kaela Humphries, was seen on multiple episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kaela has since signed a contract with FORD modeling agency.

Laela is a part of the plus side division at FORD.

Getting Divorced Young May Harm Your Heath

In a 15 year study done by the University of Michigan, statistics prove that the younger you are when you get divorced the more it can negatively effect your health.

During the study those who were divorce between the ages of 35 and 41 had more severe health problems following their divorce than those who divorced later in life. Additionally those who stayed married had even less problems than the other groups.

This outcome was unexpected. Researchers believed younger couples would feel less stress when getting divorce because it is more common among young people.

Divorce Hotel in the Netherlands Offers Quickie Divorces

The “Divorce Hotel” in the Netherlands offers couple a way to end their marriage in just two days.

Couples check in and meet with lawyers and mediators over the course of two days. During this time they divide assets and settle issues like alimony and visitation rights.

These serves are offered for a flat rate. At the end of the weekend, couples present the paperwork to a judge in the Netherlands and the divorce is made official in two weeks.

The hotel screens their clients before booking them. If there are major conflicts between the two, they are not approved for the hotel’s services.

Seal’s Record Sales on the Rise Since Separation

Since Seal and super model wife, Heidi Klum announces their divorce, Seal’s record sales have sky rocketed. According to those within the industry, Seal’s record sales have seen a huge increase since the split.

In addition to the increase in record sales, Seal has also seen an increase in interviews since the split.

Those within the music business say that the divorce will only serve to further Seal’s musical career.