Crusie and Brand Deal With Life Post Divorce

Two of Hollywood’s biggest male stars: Russell Brand and Tom Cruise aren’t exactly enjoying post-divorce life.

Brand, whose divorce was finalized today recently spoke  out publically to ridicule Katy Perry. What Russell said might not have meant to offend, it did not come off correctly. The Katy Perry remarks rankled in the public setting. Quipping during his comedy routine, “Anyway, enough of you, I’ve had enough ar*e-ache from people called Katy in the last year.”

 A bit too soon Russ.Cruise on the other hand isn’t doing as bad, he is currently pulling ahead in the custody dispute, although he lost the minor issues in the “settlement.” He is resigned to talking to Suri through video chat, Tom is in okay standing, so far. While his life is certainly in the dumpster, the only improvement has been in being able to see Suri over the video phone.



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