Dark Side of the Moon: It Isn’t Just a Pink Floyd Album

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, 81, became a space icon as one of the first men to land on the moon, alongside Neil Armstrong.

Since, he has stepped in the limelight with full force, a stark contrast to Neil Armstrong’s preferred state in the shadows. He utilized his fame to build a multi million dollar industry by publishing books, and by doing celebrity appearances and commercial endorsements.

Now, he’s fighting his wife Lois and her daughter Lisa Cannon in a legal battle.

The spaceman accuses Cannon of having deceived him into signing a contract that gives her and Lois a stake in Starbuzz, the business that manages Aldrin and his “Rocket Hero” brand.

He plans to have a judge void the agreement that was contracted in 2007 by Cannon, who was his personal and business attorney, claiming it granted her and her mother the rights to “essentially everything he has other than his clothes, car and home,” as stated by his lawsuit.

Why does he wants to divorce his wife of 23 years, a wife he seemed to adore throughout the course of his relationship?

Since their wedding in 1988, he’s called her “the woman of my dreams” whose love has given him a new purpose in life. In his 2009 autobiography, he wrote “Every Superman needs his Lois” and “Every man needs a woman like her.”

It wasn’t his lunar landing in 1969 and his universal fame that kept him “excited about life,” it was her. Before he met her at a party in 1985, he was struggling with depression, alcoholism, two failed marriages and the loss of his Air Force and NASA careers.

Can one business contract ruin a marriage?

The answer is unknown; the divorce papers only reveal “irreconcilable differences.”

Further information has been denied by the lawyers of the case and by Buzz Aldrin and Lisa Cannon themselves.

However, in a recent letter to Aldrin, Cannon wrote, “There is no such thing as a divorce with regard to Starbuzz,” promising him a strong battle front.

For more information, check out: The Telegraph


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