How To Help Children Through a Divorce

Divorce is hard enough on the couple, but when children are added to the mix, it just seems cruel to put them through such an ordeal. But if parents know how to handle the divorce maturely, the kids just might make it through alright.

Etiquette expert Diane Gottsman lists 10 tips on how to approach and manage children during a divorce.

1. All children are not created equal. The way one child handles the split may be completely different than their sibling’s method. Be sensitive to each individual child and realize that there is no “cookie cutter” method to helping a child grieve.

2. Don’t burden a child with your own anger. Use good judgment when determining how much to inform your child. Your seven-year-old does not need to know the details of infidelity or loveless relationships.This includes curses and insults regarding your ex-spouse. Explain to your child that while the divorce will come with changes, you will try to keep their life as stable as you can.

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