Is A.J. Burnett Dealing With a Messy Divorce?

The rumors are flying. AJ Burnett, the pitcher for the New York Yankees, is said to be in the middle of a terrible and messy divorce.

You  may remember this past September seeing AJ sporting a black eye. When he was asked about the black eye, AJ just chose to tell the public that it was not related to baseball.

Is it possible that the black eye was a result of some type of domestic dispute?

Message boards and fan sites are going crazy with the rumors and many of these divorce rumors are based on comments that one can read here.  You can not help but to wonder with all the divorce rumors flying around, is that where the black eye also came from? Domestic violence happens all the time, and men are not safe from this form of violence either. While most men do not talk about, it does and can happen. Maybe this is the case with the mysterious black eye of AJ Burnett.

Of course these are rumors right now, but what do you think? Is AJ Burnett heading down the road of a divorce?

The talk show host Colin Cowhard also implied that AJ Burnett is dealing with a vindictive and spiteful wife. These comments have triggered the rumors of divorce. We only wait and see what happens.

If what you heard on the ESPN talk show was right, then poor AJ is looking at dealing with a long and messy divorce.

You can read more about the story here

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