Nora Ephron and Divorce

The recent death of Nora Ephron has left farms mourning nationwide. In her wake ex-husband Carl Bernstein spoke about their relationship post divorce. There are lessons here for you attempting to keep your family together after a divorce, it is possible.

Talk about a rough divorce: Nora Ephron and Carl Bernstein broke up amid the very public fallout from his affair with an ambassador’s wife; she lashed back with an obvious roman a clef (“Heartburn”) whose run-around husband she described as “capable of having sex with a Venetian blind” — all rehashed in her obituaries this week.

But that was all 30 years ago. What happened between them after that?

“We became ‘constructive’ divorced parents,” Bernstein, the former Washington Post reporter, told us in an email Wednesday. They shared custody of their two boys (one now a writer, the other a musician), consulted on “major parental decisions,” he said, “and shared immense pride” in their accomplishments.

And their relationship? Bernstein recalled it as “increasingly respectful” as it evolved over the years. Both remarried, and enjoyed “high regard for each other’s  spouses, and knowledge all around that we all got it right the next time around. She’s going to be missed by all of us.”

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