NY Uncontested Divorce Attorney Launches Affordable, Low Cost, Inexpensive Boutique Law Practice…

new-york-divorce-lawyer-free-consultationThe Law Office of David Centeno PLLC has recently launched NY Uncontested Divorce Attorney, an online divorce practice that seeks to revolutionize the legal field.

NY Uncontested Divorce Attorney was founded by David Centeno, Esq., a NY divorce lawyer, who believes that you deserve quality divorce representation at an affordable price. He wanted to make the legal system more accessible and inexpensive for you. By cutting his overhead costs he is able to offer quality representation without the outrageous fees that most NY divorce lawyers charge (usually $300 an hour and up). He offers the care, attention and competence you demand at rate you can afford, starting at just $499…

This boutique law firm caters to those who seek more inexpensive divorce representation and do not want to sacrifice quality for affordability.

NY Uncontested Divorce Attorney offers free divorce consultations.  Call toll-free (866) 830-2064 to set up your free divorce consultation now…

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