Researching New York Divorce Lawyers? Some helpful tips…

When researching a divorce lawyer on the internet you, the searcher, already has certain criteria in mind. For example, you may be searching for the best divorce lawyer for the best price. Or maybe you know that your divorce is uncontested and want a lawyer that specializes in uncontested divorces.

My first suggestion is to figure out what you’re priorities are. Is price a main factor? If it is then you can search for an affordable uncontested divorce attorney on Google or Yahoo by using phrases like “Affordable New York City Uncontested Divorce Attorney”.  Don’t search for “best ny divorce lawyer” because anyone advertising in that manner is already violating the New York Rules of Professional Conduct.  Not a good start…

Once you find some lawyers in your price range then see if they offer free consultations. Not many do, but this is a huge plus for anyone looking for a divorce lawyer.

If they do offer free consults, then ask them any questions you many have. If they answer them satisfactorily you should consider hiring them.

I always recommend that people go to to see if the attorney has any past professional misconduct. For example, visit my NY Uncontested Divorce Avvo profile and see that I don’t have any professional misconduct or complaints against me. That’s a good thing.

Now its just up to you. Follow your gut… Best of luck.

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