Rolling Stone Founder Sued for Divorce

Rolling Stone founder and Us Weekly owner Jann Wenner is being sued for divorce by  his wife Jane, a divorce 16 years overdue since Jann left her for former Calvin Klein model Matthew Nye.

Jane Wenner filed for divorce in New York State Supreme Court on June 20, raising concerns, as did their 1995 separation, that the rift would impact the empire.

Her father funded Rolling Stone at its start in the 1960s and his wife has remained a partner in the business ever since its launch.

Questions are raised as to why the Wenners never filed for divorce during the nearly two decades they have been separated but it is suspected New York’s recognition of gay marriage may have done the trick.

Jann and Nye would be able to formally marry and legalize the family they’ve created for their two surrogated children.

A source believes this divorce will cost Jann his business. “It can only mean they are selling,” the person said. It was also added that “Jann can’t get that $700 ­million figure out of his head.”

For more information, check out: The New York Post

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