Romania: Italian Divorce Tourists’ Destination

Just like Pottermore for Harry Potter fans, Romania has become the “it” spot for Italians seeking a divorce.

Italy requires unresolved couples to endure a three year legal separation period before divorce proceedings can begin and if the divorce isn’t an amicable one, the process can take up to ten years.

Goodbyes have never been easy but one prolonged for a decade is simply inhumane.

Consequently, what people do is flee to Romania where companies are flexible about residency requirements and offer quick and inexpensive divorces.

The demand is so large, it has created its own niche industry in which, for $5,000, businesses such as Divorzio Comodo (“Easy Divorce”) will arrange for a divorce package that even includes airfare.

“It’s true that we’re seeing offices offering such services opening up,” said Diego Sabatinelli, secretary for the Italian League for Quick Divorce, an association united with the Radical Party, which was involved in legalizing divorce in Italy in 1970. “If there is a market, there is a need.”

His association has been lobbying Parliament to get rid of the three-year separation period, which used to be five years until it was shortened in 1987.

Mr. Sabatinelli called the separation period “a crackpot compromise” to pacify the Vatican, which holds power over the recognized Catholic country, since the church does not recognize divorce.

New York may not have given birth to Roberto Baggio or laid ground for gravity-defying structures such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa but it also doesn’t send unhappy couples to Britain because of its stubborn divorce laws.

In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Since New York adopted no-fault separation, which allows couples to separate without having to explain why, divorce filings are steadily increasing due to the process’s sheer simplicity.

And with an affordable lawyer, couples are on their merry way to farewell.

For more information, check out: The New York Times

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