The Art of Divorce

And no..we aren’t talking about divorce as an artistic endeavor. But for some the more financially able amongst us divorce battles are less about who gets the Honda Civic and more about who gets that amazing piece of art.

When Christopher Larson and Julia Calhoun got divorced this year in King County Superior Court, some things were easy to divide up.

He got the 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, valued at $1.4 million. She got the 11 Volvos. He got the baseball memorabilia, picked up for $7.4 million. She got the 1,983 Victorian posey holders ($5.5 million), small vases that women would wear in centuries past.

Art is one of the most valuable assets as it increases over time. When divorce time arises, these are usually the items most fought over.

Read More: Seattle Times

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