Unfortunate divorce: Forbes’ top-paid Tom Cruise to pay off big sums

Tom Cruise, who has topped Forbes’ list of the highest paid Hollywood actors, will have to split his wealth with his soon to be ex- wife Katie Holmes, who filed for divorce last week.

Cruise’s latest Mission: Impossible film contributed to his fortune, now estimated at some $250 million. The film earned over $700 million worldwide, while Cruise is estimated to have become $75 million richer since May 2011.

Still the divorce from Katie Holmes could prove costly for Tom Cruise.  According to the terms of their prenuptial agreement signed in 2006, Holmes could get up to $3 million for each of the five years of marriage.

She also seeks sole custody of their daughter Suri. The reason for Holmes filing for divorce was reportedly Cruise’s intention to sign their daughter Suri into the controversial Scientology group called Sea Org.  Catholic-raised Holmes couldn’t let that happen. If Holmes wins custody, the child-support payments could be very significant.

According to MSNBC the actress, 33, will become sole owner of the home in Montecito, California. In case their marriage lasted over 11 years Holmes would have got half of her husband’s fortune.

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